DIY Swimming Pools

Swimming pools have become one of the most popular amenities of the home in recent years. Once considered a luxury, only possible for the rich; these backyard retreats are now a common feature in mid range homes, especially in the warmer regions of the home. From just a basic hole in the ground, to tropical paradises that rival Caribbean resorts; the residential pool industry is rapidly expanding. Though the recent downturn in the economy has slowed the trend to a degree; a growing number of homeowners are choosing to spend their leisure money at home rather than taking vacations paying higher airfares and fuel costs. Whether you’re considering a new purchase, looking to save money by doing your own maintenance, or looking for troubleshooting or repair advice; we’ll try to answer your questions or guide you to someone who can. The list of topics include:


Swimming Pool Maintenance-Learn the basics you need to maintain and care for your pool, while saving money at the same time.

Choosing a Contractor-Things you should consider before hiring a pool contractor as well as sources for finding qualified pros and avoiding scams.

Water Chemistry-Easy to follow guide to understanding and maintaining a proper chemical balance.

The Ultimate Swimming Pool Guide-Save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year by doing your own pool maintenance and repairs

Above Ground Swimming Pools-A comparison of the different types, materials, and costs

Salt Water Swimming Pools-Explains the concept of electronic chlorine generation. Answers frequently asked questions about cost, water chemistry, and pros and cons

Cheap Swimming Pools-Options for finding pools at big discounts

Swimming Pool Drains-Explains the concept of entrapment, as well as the regulations and preventative measures

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