Save Big Money! Be Your Own General Contractor

Planning a much needed renovation, but working on a budget? You could act as your own General Contractor and complete the project for a fraction of the cost. Chances are, you may already have some experience. If you've ever hired a painter or had an electrician install some new light fixtures then followed up with them to make sure the work was done correctly, then you've had a small taste of what's involved. It is basically planning and managing the project from start to completion. GC's provide a valuable service, but it can be an expensive way to go. If you have some knowledge of the work involved in you project and aren't afraid of a challenge, then all you need is a little technical advice and guidance. Luckily for you, we're here. Let's take a look at the basics.

Estimating Home Repair Costs-We'll walk you through the basics of preparing a reliable estimate of what your project will cost including: measuring and estimating quantities, obtaining and analyzing subcontractor quotes, preparing for contingencies.

Subcontractors-An Overview of selecting and managing reliable subs at reasonable prices

Understanding A Contractor Estimate-Learn how to read, evaluate, and use contractor estimates for your home improvement projects

Home Addition Plans-Explain the basic terms commonly used with construction drawings as well as what you may or may not need for your project

Scheduling-Coordinating the sequence of different trades within the project to avoid conflicts

Manging the Money-Learn how to set up payment terms and disperse funds while protecting your interests.

Avoiding Scams-Seven steps for recognizing and avoiding the Home Repair Scam

Do It Yourself Home Repair Kit-Save Thousands using this step by step manual explaining the strategies used by professional contractors for estimating costs, hiring subcontractors, buying materials at discount prices, and much more.

Protect Yourself With A Home Repair Contract-Advice for writing binding agreements to protect your home and money

Finding Bargain Materials-Find out how and where contractors get the best deals on materials and supplies

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