Protect Yourself With A Home Repair Contract

Executing a Home Repair Contract is essential anytime you hire a contractor to work on your home. Working as a contractor, I was amazed at how few customers would ask for one. As the contractor, I would always write one to protect my interests. Fortunately, for my customers, they were working with an honest contractor. Sadly, that is not always the case. In the customer/homeowner relationship, the homeowner, usually has much more at stake. Without a properly written agreement, you're risking your money, and possibly, your home. Depending on the property laws and codes in your state, contractors may have the power to place a mechanic's or vendors lien against your property with nothing more than their word as evidence. A signed, written contract is your only means of protection. A well written document should include, at the minimum:

  • A detailed list of all work to be completed (scope of work)

  • The price or prices of all work to be performed

  • Terms for payment

  • The date of signing and the expected duration of the work

  • Responsibilities of the homeowner as well as the contractor

  • Procedures for adding additional work to the original price

  • Terms for the hiring of subcontractors

  • Signatures of all involved parties

For a step by step guide to hiring contractors, preparing contracts and other documents to protect your assets, and managing your project, check out my

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