Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

By: Glenn Whitehead

Outdoor kitchen ideas can help increase the enjoyment you receive from your home as well as adding value.. With more and more people opting to skip vacation trips in favor of spending time at home with their families; many are choosing to make improvements that enhance the backyard experience. Swimming pools and outdoor kitchens can provide the atmosphere and enjoyment of a luxury resort, while adding permanent value to the home. Some essential elements to consider for outdoor kitchen ideas include:
  • Cooking-This is the heart and soul of any kitchen, indoor or outdoor. The centerpiece of most outdoor kitchens is the grill. But, there are many decisions to be made, such as: free standing or built-in, natural gas, propane, or charcoal, size; from small family cookout style to huge commercial models for serving large crowds. They are an unlimited array with amenities and prices to suit any need. But, maybe you're better suited to a slow smoking pit or, if you're near the coast, you may need deep fryers for fish and shrimp. Perhaps a combination of all of the above. Whatever your needs or wants; you'll find products to fill them.
  • Appliances-This is where you can get really creative. You're no longer limited to just the basics like refrigerators and ice makers. You can now choose from beer keg coolers, margarita machines, and warmer ovens. You'll find an endless supply of accessories to spice up your kitchen.
  • Flooring-This is another area where the options have greatly increased in the past few years. Along with the traditional concrete and wood decking, you can also consider brick pavers, tile, decorative concrete, composite decking, and outdoor area rugs.
  • Furniture-One of the essential considerations of your outdoor kitchen ideas will be the type of furniture you choose. There is a wide variety of choices to select from. Wood furniture, made from cedar or teak wood, makes a naturally beautiful addition to decks and patios and is extremely durable. Powder and epoxy coated metals are extremely weather resistant and maintenance free and, to help bring the comfort of the indoors to your outdoor kitchen, there are many types of weather resistant cushions and fabrics.
  • Roofs and Awnings-The type of cover you choose should be determined by your intended use of the space. The most common roofs provide shelter from the elements and shade to help keep things cooler during the warmer months.Traditional types of roofs can be tied into the home or free standing with matching materials. Flat or slightly sloped covers can be built from materials like sheet metal and corrugated plastic or fiberglass with less labor and expense. If you're in an area that doesn't get a lot of rain; you might consider a lattice cover, which will provide some shade along with natural ventilation.
  • Cabinets-Storage space is an important aspect of outdoor kitchens. Cabinets made from teak wood, cedar, or stainless steel provide an attractive finishing touch, while giving you a place to store dishes, pool toys and other items. There is also a good selection of durable plastic storage bins and cabinets.
These are just a few of the possibilities of outdoor kitchen ideas. Take your time when making these decisions to create an area that will serve as an additional room to your home.

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