Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

By: Glenn Whitehead

Looking for Bathroom Remodeling Ideas?

You're not alone. The popularity of bath remodeling has seen a huge increase in recent years. In fact these small private areas may have replaced the kitchen as the most common room of the home for a makeover. Whether you're looking to completely gut it and start from scratch or just changing some finishes and fixtures; there  are countless options available. From hiring a contractor, to selecting new tubs or shower accessories, or finding the right how-to advice; there are many things to consider and decisions to be made. In this section, we've tried to provide a starting place for getting these projects rolling. Take a look at the topics below and check back often; as we will be adding new pages soon.

Bathroom Design Ideas-Take a look at some of the essential elements of doing your own makeover

Renovations-An overview of the steps of preparing for renovations

Bathroom Tiling Projects-Tips and advice for selecting the right tools and materials, as well as installation procedures

Contractors-Help with selecting the right contractor for your project

Ideas for Remodeling Small Bathrooms-Attractive space saving ideas for small baths and powder rooms

How To Install Your Own Shower Pan-Describes the necessary tools and materials as well as the steps of installing your own shower pan

Bathroom Designs-Things to consider when making decisions about bathroom designs

Bathroom Flooring-Options to consider when choosing your bathroom flooring

Bathroom Tile-Tips for choosing materials, sizes, and colors of bathroom tile

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