Bathroom Design Ideas

By: Glenn Whitehead

Essential Elements for Your Own Makeover

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Looking for bathroom design ideas? The bathroom has, for many homeowners, become the most popular room in the house. For many people, especially women, it is somewhat of a sanctuary. It's a place they can go to relax, unwind, and get away from the hectic lifestyles that so many of us have. For these reasons, it's become the most popular room in the home for remodeling and renovations. Due to the personal nature of the room, design is the most important ingredient of these projects. With so many Americans watching their money these days; more and more people are choosing to tackle these jobs on their own. To help get the ball rolling, I've put together a list of some of the key elements to consider in the planning stages.

  • Size-Before spending a lot of money on fixtures and finishes, take a hard look at the actual amount of space you have available. There's nothing worse than sinking a bunch of money into a room that, when completed, still doesn't satisfy your needs. Expanding the size may not be feasible or practical, not to mention economical. But, many times, there are simple solutions that get overlooked. There may be linen or bedroom closets that can be opened up to add space. Perhaps you can use shelves or decorative racks for storing linens or cosmetics and eliminate the need for bulky cabinets. Adding even the smallest amounts of space can make a huge difference.
  • Theme-With so many people using thebathroom as a place to get away and relax, it's become popular to base bathroom design ideas around a themes of personal interest or comfort. Lifestyles and vacation spots that you may have experienced or fantasized about, such as the beach, the west, or the Mediterranean, can provide great inspiration. This is your room. Let it reflect your personality and it will increase your enjoyment. There are countless products, fixtures, hardware, and other amenities to fit any concept. Don't be afraid get creative and go outside your comfort zone a little. The possibilities are endless.
  • Layout-Depending on the size and scope of your makeover, you may have several options when it comes to the functionality of the room. Spend a lot of time thinking about your habits to determine things like the location and number of electrical outlets, access to linens, cosmetics, and personal items, and style and location of mirrors and lighting. If the room is comfortable and suit your needs, your time and money will have been well spent.
  • Product Selection-When selecting the fixtures, finishes, and amenities for your bathroom, it's important to keep in mind how much and by whom the room will be used. For example, there are now wood flooring products that are made especially for baths, with special finishes to better resist the effects of moisture. However, if the room in question will be used regularly by children, I would give it some serious thought before using any type of wood. If everyone in your home takes showers, you might be better served by a large walk-in shower than installing an expensive claw foot tub. Open shelving and cabinetry can be a nice decorative touch. But it will increase your housekeeping and organizational duties. Home improvements should make your life more enjoyable, not more complicated.

Hopefully, these few bathroom design ideas will help you initiate the process of designing a comfortable, function bathroom. For more help with your home improvement projects, check out our DIY Projects section.

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