Mastering Mobile Home Repair

By: Glenn Whitehead

The Mobile Home is one of the most common low cost housing options available, however, there is very little information available when it comes to repairing them. The most common reason people buy them is the cost. It is, generally, much less expensive than traditional housing. Unfortunately, as the saying goes; "You Get What You Pay For". In order to keep the prices low, the homes are made with lower quality materials and fixtures. Therefore, there is a more frequent need for repairs. Many of the replacement parts and fixtures aren't typically found in the large hardware andhome improvement stores. Additionally, while many repair techniques are similar to those used on conventional homes, there are many slight differences. In this section we'll cover some of the most common repair issues you may encounterincluding:

Parts-Discover how many of the parts and fixtures differ from traditional homes and where to find them.

Floors-One of the most common repairs needed and how to perform them

Roofs-A look at the different types of structures and materials and steps for performing repairs

Financing-A look at the complex issue of financing and re-financing with links to lending sources

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