Finding Your Mobile Home Parts

By: Glenn Whitehead

Locating the right mobile home parts for your repair is one of the most difficult issues facing mobile home owners. The problem is; though the parts may look similar to what you see in traditional homes, there are many slight differences. This is a little puzzling to me due to the fact that there are so many manufactured homes and that they are constantly in need of repair. Some of the things you should know concerning mobile home parts include:
  • Sources-While some hardware and home improvement stores now carry a limited selection; more often than not, you’re going to come up empty in these traditional sources.
  • Size-The sizes of many fixtures and other parts, such as doors, appliances, cabinets, and hardware will differ from the standard items used in traditional housing. It’s important to measure things like stoves, water heaters, doors, and windows before attempting to replace them with standard sizes. Many times the mobile home parts will be smaller.
  • Plumbing-Mobile home plumbing systems are a lot different from those used in traditional housing. Rather than steel, copper, and pvc piping; you’ll find a lot of plastic tubing and some gray and black plastic drain pipe that looks similar to pvc, but will not take pvc fittings. There are adapters that can be used to convert to pvc, but you need to be sure what you have before buying repair parts. Bath tubs, showers, and commodes are usually a little smaller than standard size.
  • Price-The one positive to mobile home parts is; they are, generally, much less expensive than the same items use in traditional housing.

While it is possible to upgrade and retrofit some components with traditional materials and parts, that can turn into a much more complicated and expensive repair. To find what you're looking for, you will need a supplier that specializes in Mobile Home and RV parts. The problem is, even in large cities, you don't have a lot of choices. For example: in Houston, TX, where I live, I know of only three such suppliers. If you can locate a good one, there is a good possibility they can guide you to the parts you need. However, many of these supply houses don't carry large inventories and may have to order your parts. As an alternative to this, I recommend an excellent online resource where you can browse an online catalog, order your parts and have them shipped directly to your home. This will save you the time and expense of searching out and driving all over town and will also allow you to compare the pictures from the website to your actual parts to be sure your getting what you need.

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