Do It Yourself Projects for the Home

By: Glenn Whitehead

Do it yourself projects can be a very satisfying experience. It can also be a nightmare if you're not prepared. Fortunately, you've got us. Anything can be done if you take the time to plan and educate yourself. Understanding the necessary tools, materials, and techniques, will determinethe final result. Our goal is to start you in the right direction to discovering those things and to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls of do-it-yourself repairs. In response to industry trends and seasonal interests, we're constantly adding new articles and topics. To receive regular updates on the latest home improvement news and money saving advice; subscribe to the blog
So what is it you want to do? Browse our how-to pages for help with:

Black Mold Removal-Learn how to spot, treat and remove black mold

DIY Shower Pan Installation -Five important steps you should take before installing a new shower pan

Cabinet Repair-Learn the basics types of cabinet construction as well as the most common, materials,hardware, and tools needed to make simple repairs yourself.

The Facts About Black Mold -Answers to frequently asked questions concerning the detection and removal of black mold

Drywall Repair-Tips, tools, and techniques for repairing holes, sealing water stains, matching texture, and much more

Remodeling Houses -Cover the basic steps and considerations for preparing for a remodeling project

Painting-Tips and advice for choosing the right paints, preparing different surfaces, and finding the right tools

Do It Yourself Drywall Installation -Describes the tools, materials, and techniques for hanging and finishing drywall

7 Things To Do Before Remodeling -Describes 7 crucial steps you should take before starting a remodeling project

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