Do It Yourself Home Repair and Improvements

Thinking of doing that Home Repair Project Yourself? Congratulations! After 30 years as a craftsman, superintendent, and general contractor, there is still nothing that gives me satisfaction like admiring a completed project that's now a permanent part of my home. I'm talking about something built with my own two hands, that most people would have to pay someone else to do. There are so many simple improvements that can add a personal touch and turn a house into your home.Improvement projects will add style and value to your home and can be done on a budget to help save big money. Whether it's a small weekend project or full scale remodeling your interested in, let me give you the benefit of my experiences in a wide variety of repair, renovation, and construction projects. Browse our library of topics including:

Be You Own General Contractor
Professional cost estimating and project management strategies for acting as your own General Contractor
Mobile Home Repair
Hard to find information for findind parts and repairing your Mobile Home
Government Grants
Provides and overview of available government grants for home repair, qualifications, and other financing sources
Working With Contractors
Advice on finding, hiring, and negotiating with home repair contractors
Do It Yourself Projects
How to tips and advice for Do It Yourself Projects
Do It Yourself Home Repair
Tips and advice for Do-It-Yourself home repair and improvement including: cost estimating, hiring contractors, diy projects, and much more
Home Repair Weekly News Letter
Weekly newletter with the latest updates, trends, and Home Repair news plus FREE! classified adds
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Contribute To Yourself Home Repair
Would you like to share your knowledge about home repair? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.