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If you could remodel your kitchen or bathroom for
50% to 70% of the retail price , without the worry of being a victim of fraud or scams, would it help put your dream home within reach?

If you’ve been putting off repairs and home improvements because of the cost or the frequent news stories about homeowners losingthousands of dollars to crooked contractors, you really should read this article. By using a few simple, proven strategies, your dream home can become a reality.

Let’s face it.Everyone would like to have a nicer home with the luxuries we see on television makeover shows and in interior design magazines. But, there are some big obstacles that stand in most people’s way. Such as:

  • Money-Kitchen and bath remodeling, editions, flooring, appliances. They are expensive.

  • The Unknown -Construction is a complicated and confusing process if you’re new to.

  • Fear-Hiring the wrong contractor can cost you thousands of dollars and result in big damages to your home.

These are just a few of the potential problems with home improvement and remodeling projects. But any one of them can stop a lot of people from going any further?

What if you could have the home of your dreams without spending a fortune?What  if you knew how to find qualified, honest professionals and hire them without risking your home and money?
Imagine the possibilities of understanding the construction process so you could talk to and negotiate with these professionals on equal terms.

Could it turn your dreams into a reality?

The good news is all of these things are within your reach. Keep reading to find out how. 

When most people do large repairs or improvement projects to their home, they hire a general contractor or "GC". A GC is, simply, a construction manager. They will oversee the entire project including: 
  • Purchasing and Supplying Materials

  • Hiring and Supervising Subcontractors

  • Scheduling and Coordinating the Project

They really provide a valuable service. The problem is, They’re not cheap. A GC’s fees can be as much is 70% of the contract price. Imagine the possibilities if you could manage the job yourself and put that money in your pocket.You could easily Save Thousands of dollars or do twice the amount of work for the same money.

You’re probably thinking: "Yeah great, but, I’ve never managed a construction job before."Well, good news; I have and I'll show you how.

Get Insider Secrets of a General Contractor

I've spent 25 years in the construction business and I’ll show you, firsthand, all of the insider strategies and tricks of the trade that GC's use to earn their money.

  • Find the Best Contractors and Avoid Scams-No more randomly drawing a name out of the phone book and keeping your fingers crossed that you made a good choice. I'll show you where and how find qualified, professional service companies, negotiate the bestpossible price, and do a complete investigation of their background and qualifications, and hire them using clear, binding written agreements that will protect your money and your home.

  • Keep Costs From Skyrocketing-Find out how to write a complete and accurate cost estimate and establish a budget before beginning your work, then stick to it or even trim it.

  • Stop Paying Full Price for Materials-I’ll show you the sources and secrets that contractors don’t want you to know about buyingjob supplies at huge discounts.

  • Protect Your Money-Learn how to structure payments to your subcontractors and be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

  • Protect Yourself Against Lawsuits-Use the same documents and forms as professional contractors and large corporations to protect your money and property against lawsuits.

  • Get the Job Done Quickly-Find out how to write it to a construction schedule and avoid lengthy delays.

  • Keep Control of the Job-You’re paying for everything, so; you’re the boss. Find out how to manage and coordinate subcontractors and suppliers, resolve disputes, and build a team.

  • Get Everything In Writing-Learn how to write contracts, pay schedules, scopes of work, pay applications, and releases of lien customized to fit your job using the sample forms we provide.

Thanks, we just finished our master bath remodeling for $ 8,400 after getting bids for $ 14, 000, $ 15,575, and,
$ 16, 200. It turned out great. The kitchen is next.

Sonny & Lena Conrad
Mesa, AZ

Using your Contractor Kit, I repaired my hurricane damage for
$ 8,000 less than my insurance company paid and avoided paying my $ 4,200 deductible. This was the best
$ 47 I've spent.

Stephen Downey
Baytown, TX

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