Finding Bathroom Contractors

Looking for bathroom contractors for your project? Bathroom renovations have become so popular in recent years; there are now many contractors that specialize in this type of work. With this being, for many people (particularly women) the most personal room in the home, it's even more important to find someone who suits your personality and is capable of grasping exactly what it is that you have in mind. I would recommend that, prior to setting appointments with contractors, you try to find some pictures on the internet or in books or magazines that resemble the idea you have in mind for your project. The following tips will help you in making your selection and protecting yourself against fraud or scams.

  • Get Some Referrals-Friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers are great sources of referrals. Ask everyone you know if they have had similar work to yours done and how they liked their bathroom contractor.
  • Ask for A List of Similar Jobs-If you're looking for someone who specializes in bathrooms, it's important to check on their experience and get some details of previous projects. Chances are, if you've decided to hire a specialty contractor, you're planning to rely on them for some advice and consulting on things like design, layout, and fixture selection. Before signing a contract, make sure they have the qualifications you're looking for.
  • Ask for Some Pictures-There is nothing as valuable as a visual image of the finished product. Generally these specialty contractors take lots of pictures and are more than happy to show them. if they don't offer, ask for them.
  • Call Some References-This is such an important part of the process that most people neglect to do. Always ask for references and then, call them. Ask specific questions about the size and scope of the work they had done. Tell them about your project and compare the similarities to yours. These types of details will tell you a lot about the contractor's ability to meet your needs.
  • Ask the Contractor for Suggestions-Even if you know exactly what you want, this is a good way to find out how knowledgeable and experienced they are with relation to your job.
  • Be Particular-When you hire someone who specializes in a certain area of an industry, whether it's a doctor or a contractor, chances are you'll be paying a premium price. Set a high standard and hold them to it in order to be sure you receive the value you're paying for.
  • Check Them Out-In addition to checking references; do some additional checking with the"Better Business Bureau" and local trade associations. Search the company name as well as the owner on the internet. You may be surprised what turns up. A resource that's become increasingly popular with homeowners is Angie's List.  For just a few dollars a month; you can get access to thousands of unbiased reviews on everything from bathroom contractors to mechanics, and even doctors. The thing I believe that makes them unique from other referral services is; they have no affilliations with the businesses on the list.

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