Hiring Swimming Pool Contractors

By: Glenn Whitehead

Selecting a contractor for repairs to your pool or to install a new one is a big decision that requires a good deal of planning and research. Making the wrong choice could easily cost you a significant amount of money, and damage to your property or home. The following tips should help you in making the best decision and protecting your interests.

  • GetReferrals-It's always best to try and contact companies that have been recommended by someone you know. This is true of any service business. Talk to friends, neighbors, and co-workers to find out about their experiences. You may not find your contractor, but it's a good starting place.
  • Check Licensing-Depending on the area you live, contractors may be required to have a license. Check with your state and local governments to find out what the requirements are in your area.
  • Check Insurance-Making sure potential candidates carry proper and current insurance is a must when hiring a pool contractor. This is an expensive purchase with the potential to cause large damages to your property or your neighbors. Have the provide a certificate that names you as an additional insured and check with the insurer to be sure it's valid.
  • Beware of Large Deposits-Most contractors will require a deposit or down payment prior to beginning work. If you've done the proper amount of checking and homework; this should not be a problem. However, I would avoid giving large sums to hold a spot on a waiting list. You may get stuck waiting for several months with no recourse other than forfeiting your money. If a company is so busy that they have a waiting list; it shouldn't be a problem tofill the spot should someone back out.
  • Check References and Background-Ask the potential contractors for a list of at least 5 recent references in your area, the cal the customers and question them. If possible ask them if you can come see the work. The fact is; most people never call references. So companies are not that careful who they put on the list. A great source for unbiased reviews of service companies is Angie'List. For a few dollars a month you can get access to thousands of reviews on everything from plumbers and electricians, to mechanics and doctors. The thing I really like about it is; they are not affiliated with the contractors, eliminating that conflict.  

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