How To Do Your Own Pool Maintenance

And Save Big Money

How would you like to do your own swimming pool maintenance and keep your pool sparkling like brand new for less than $11 a month? If you're looking to cut back on household expenses in this economic slump; this is definitely an option you should consider. Written by Terry Duff, a well-know expert in the swimming pool industry, The Ultimate Swimming Pool Guide gives you all of the knowledge and tricks of the trade you need to maintain and make repairs to your pool like a professional for pennies a day. The best part is; they offer a money back guaranty. So, there's no risk on your part. If you would like a comprehensive, easy to understand guide to:

  • Understanding each component of your pool equipment
  • Balancing your chemicals (without taking a chemistry class)
  • Simple steps you can take to add years of life to your pool and equipment
  • Alternative methods of treating your pool water
  • Energy saving techniques to save big money
This manual is the answer to your problems. For a closer look 

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