Save Money On Swimming Pool Supplies and Maintenance

By: Glenn Whitehead

Stop Wasting Money On Swimming Pool Supplies and Maintenance.
Are you looking for ways to cut expenses in these uncertain economic times? Worried about possible paycuts or layoffs?

If you're like many other Americans; you're probably more unsure now than you've ever been about the future. In times like these, it's important to save money wherever we can.

If you have a swimming pool; you're probably spending way too much money on swimming pool supplies and maintenance. If you've got a pool service; there's no doubt about it. But, even if you do your own maintenance; there's a good chance you're spending more on chemicals and other supplies than you have to.

The reasons why are simple:

  • You've never been trained or educated about the proper techniques and practices of swimming pool maintenance.
  • You don't have a thorough understanding of swimming pool chemicals.
  • You don,t fully understand all of the components of your swimming pool equipment.
  • You don't know the time and money saving techniques used by swimming pool professionals.
Well, Good News.
 All of that has changed. You now have access to every bit of knowledge and know-how you need to fire your pool service and take care of it yourself. Well know pool expert "Terry Duff" has written a step-by-step manual that's guaranteed to keep your pool sparkling year round for just a few dollars a month. With "The Ultimate Swimming Pool Guide"; you'll quickly become an expert in such things as:

  • Get a grip on the most important aspect of your swimming pool - Water Flow.
  • How to literally add years to the life of your pool by doing 3 simple things!
  • A simple, proven way to save 30-50% on EVERY chemical and piece of equipment that you will EVER purchase for your pool.
  • How to understand water chemistry WITHOUT being a chemical engineer!
  • Understanding alternative sanitizers - what they are and how they work.
  • The 7 sins that nearly every pool owner makes (costing them hundreds of dollars) and how you can avoid making these costly errors.
This book is full of hands on experience from someone with a career of hands on, in the field experience.

The best part is; the guide comes with an absolute Money Back Guarantee.So you can try it out with no risk.

If you're looking for a way to immediately start keeping more money in your pocket; you've got to give this a try.
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