Have You Heard Of Angie's List?

If you're considering hiring contractors or service companies for repairs or improvements to your home; there's an online resource you might want to consider. Angie's List. is a membership website that provides access to thousands of reviews and testemonials by homeowners just like you. The thing I really like about it is that, unlike some other services, they are not affiliated with the businesses listed on the site. Contractors or other service companies cannot pay to get on Angie's List. This eliminates the conflicts of interest that come with other referral services. After all, how much faith can you put in a reference someone has been paid for? What you'll get here is honest, straight forward reviews for better or worse. From painters, air conditioning services, and flooring companies; to mechanics, and even doctors you'll learn the truth before risking your hard earned money.

Find reviews on the services you need at Angie’s List – from electrician to physician – Use promo code“SAVE TEN” for $10 off!

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