Finding and Hiring Cabinet Contractors

Cabinet contractors are one of the true specialty trades in construction. But, like all crafts, there are a variety to fit different needs. Some of the things you should consider include:

  • Finishes-The type of finish you want for your new cabinets makes a big difference in the price of the labor and materials. Will they be painted or stained? Do you want an open or closed grain wood? It's important to at least consider these topics before you begin interviewing potential candidates.
  • Replace or Reface-If the structure of your existing cabinets is good and you're not planning to completely change the layout, refacing with laminate or 1/4" plywood and building new doors and drawers could give you a completely new look and save you big money. Get some feedback when interviewing contractors
  • Counter Tops-Whether you use laminate, granite, or other solid surfaces can affect the construction and the dimensions of your cabinets. Give some thought to the potential choices before getting too far into the process.
  • Style-There are many choices. From colonial lip mold to traditional raised panel; this is another item that can greatly affect the price as well as your choice of cabinet contractors. If you're not sure; look through some interior decorating books for ideas.
Giving these topics some thought will help you to be better prepared when you begin the process of selecting a contractor. One source you may want to consider is Angie's List.This is a website of reviews, written by homeowners for different service companies they've used. The thing I like about it is; they're not affiliated with any of the contractors. This is a good resource for weeding out the hacks and scam artists.

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