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Attention: Contractors & Small Business Owners

   The Department of Labor has announced an immediate increased emphasis on job site inspections and regulation enforcement by OSHA compliance officers. Due to an increase in on the job injuries and fatalities, particularly in the construction industry, OSHA has begun hiring hundreds of additional field officers nationwide. The scrutiny of employer's safety and health procedures are expected to reach levels never seen before.

Small Business Owners Must Act Now!

To Protect Themselves From:

  • OSHA Fines and Citations
  • Work Related Injuries
  • Higher Insurance Costs
  • Losses in Production
  • Lawsuit Abuse
  • Damaged Reputations
With over 25 years in the construction industry as a contractor and safety professional, I have personally participated in over 75 OSHA job site inspections. The combined result of those inspections was the issuance of 1 citation, which was subsequently dismissed at an informal hearing. The key to that success is simple:


The work you do now is the key to your success later. In my downloadable manual: "Build It Safe" I'll give you a step by step blueprint for quickly building an "OSHA Ready" Safety Program that will:
  • Help you develop company procedures and policies
  • Design your customized written safety program
  • Teach you to recognize and control common job hazards
  • Protect your business with documentation
  • Avoid injuries and accidents
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Perform regular workplace audits and inspections
  • Properly Manage Workers Comp Claims
  • Comply with OSHA regulations and avoid fines and citations
As you already know, you could easily spend thousands of dollars on training programs and seminars from instructors who, more often than not, have never represented themselves or an employer in an OSHA inspection.
Before you spend another dime on safety classes; take some advice from someone who deals with these issues every day.

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Build It Safe
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